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Currently writing more blog posts now that I’m on holidays but …

Sorry to everyone who’s been commenting on my posts..! I wasn’t given any notification until I went onto my sidebar (?) on the WordPress dashboard page! And for some reason I have to manually approve every one of them before they show up … ! It should be fixed now…

But yeah… I’m still not really used to WordPress *gently lays self on floor* I’m getting old huh…  never mind… me…..

Look forward to more posts of mine ^_^

What’s In My Make-up Bag?

Disclaimer: none of these links are sponsored – they are all my opinion. Additionally prices are AUD unless otherwise stated and correct as of 16th October 2015. Also all images were taken with my phone and items gifted by friends or otherwise given to me for free are marked with an asterisk.

Hi everyone! To be honest, I wasn’t actually going to write this because I don’t put makeup on that much and when I do, I don’t carry many items with me anyway! When I do wear makeup (and usually it’s to uni) I bring my bag with me because I…. am that idiot who allocated classes on at 9am so I have to wake up at 6am ;____; NEVER AGAIN (but my timetable always sucks if I don’t organise like that, why me….)

So… what’s actually in my make-up bag?

make up, makeup bag, portable

Hello, what’s in here~?


Current Aesthetic: Skirts over trousers

fashion week, 2013, skirts over pants, trousers

They just don’t understand. Photo source

So I want to be a fashionable bag lady.

And maybe I’m approximately half a year behind on blogging about this trend but that’s just too bad because I finally summoned up the time, words and courage to say what’s been on my mind this whole time.

I bloody LOVE the idea of wearing skirts over trousers.

“WHAT?!” I hear some of you gasp and clutch at your hearts as you curse at me for being a Godless Fashion Heathen to suggest such a thing (just kidding). But seriously, I want to wear this trend out in spring pronto.


I’m A Shopaholic: Ebay Accessories Round-Up

I’m a terrible shopaholic!! And what with the Australian dollar being absolutely awful, I’ve found that the way to satisfy these cravings is through buying cheap junk accessories that I probably don’t need but damn, I regret NOTHING. Literally EVERYTHING is under $8 Australian dollars so if you’re looking to spend some pocket change, check this out??

Also I can’t remember which blogger used to post these [either Closet Voyage, now known as Beige Renegade] or THISWASFOREVER, but I loved those posts so I’m rather inspired.

[[Disclaimer: all conversion rates are calculated using Paypal’s calculator, are listed in Australian Dollars, and accurate as of 11th Sept 2015. Additionally all purchases I have made are marked with an asterisk, so you can be assured that I have had a good experience. I am not being sponsored to make this post either, all links are those I found myself and I am not affiliated with any of the companies/stores listed.]]

Click on “read more” to see the items!


Five Ways to Stop Being a People Pleaser

Hi there, I’m sorry in advance that this isn’t really a fashion related post lol but I think it’s pretty important if you’re looking to get into the fashion industry or any industry really [I think it’s an important life skill!]. To be honest, I know so many of my friends who are guilty of this (as am I!) and I thought that I would finally write this because GODDAMN I have so much to say about this.

Before we start though, let’s have a quick small checklist quiz thing to see if you actually are a people pleaser or not.

  1. You have a hard time saying “no” to people’s requests.
  2. Even if this is at the detriment of your own time and resources.
  3. When you do say no, you feel {horribly} guilty.
  4. You may seem to make friends easily, but some of them only talk to you to ask for a favour.
  5. You are scared of what will happen when you refuse a request
  6. You don’t want want people to hate you
  7. You don’t want to let people down
  8. You don’t have great confidence in yourself and/or your appearance
  9. You love to help others out but feel as if sometimes people don’t always help you out
  10. You hate drama to the point where you won’t say anything such as your opinions or make a firm decision
  11. You’re upset when you find out someone you thought you were friends with doesn’t like you or doesn’t care about you at all
  12. You are a bad sucker for flattery. :’c
  13. Criticism really hurts even when you know it’s for your own good.
  14. Your opinions are easily shaped by what others around you think
  15. When you make new friends you’re already quite quick to do favours for them

Does this sound like you? If so, read on…


Death of the Magazine [A Blatant Blogging Post]

[Warning: mild swearing/language and mild sexual references, though by mild swearing I guess I mean the Aussie standard so tread cautiously, perhaps…]

When I was nine, I picked up my very first magazine. Glossy pages filled with beaming girls and interesting fashion styles were flicked through eagerly. Pretty toys and amusing articles were pored over by me repeatedly. This magazine, Total Girl, essentially elicited my interest in fashion and would culminate in a magazine obsession.


Five Trends You Can’t Miss This Winter! [2015/2016]

Trends come and go way too fast, and often it’s an information overload. Which five should you pay attention to this coming winter? (Plus thoughts on two additional trends!)

The housekeeping part [feel free to skip this paragraph!]

Three months since I started this site and I did absolutely jack all to update it… I am really, really sorry. I’ve been trying to figure out what to blog beyond the “hey guys… check out what I wore today! LOL” posts that I’m usually lazy enough to do (it’s true! They’re so low effort!). In any case, I’ve decided it would be better to consolidate those outfits in a separate post (say like… once a month or fortnight?) I don’t have a photographer and though I have a tripod and camera, the room I usually take photos in is really cluttered as two other rooms are being renovated (kind of – just the carpet’s being ripped up, that sort of thing but all the furniture has to go somewhere! AKA this room I’m in). Which is why, if you have me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram [time to plug it! HERE] you’ll see me post selfies of my OOTD. For this blog, I’ll also post those photos alongside those nice fancy photos where it’s only my clothes in the picture and not me. :’) (more…)

Starting fresh.

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to create a new blog hosted by WordPress. That means that if you followed me on Blogger and want to see my posts, you’ll have to follow again (sorry!) Why did I make the switch?

  • Trying to switch blogging styles to find what I’m most comfortable with writing about has been a journey and unfortunately that also means accumulating a lot of “baggage” – old posts and promised posts that I simply lost the motivation to make.
  • I will still be using my Blogger/Google account to read your blogs while I try to figure out how to use WordPress’ reader HAHA but yeah. I won’t be deleting because memories :’)
  • While WordPress doesn’t support ads, I figured it was way too much effort to install Google Ads anyways and any revenue would be minuscule in any case
  • Actually why did I switch to WordPress TOO LATE TO THINK ABOUT THAT NOW.

If all of that was the answer to the question you never asked, I’m sorry, haha.

What’s current aesthetic? A collection of looks I’m wearing, dreaming of and admiring all in the one place. There will no longer be reviews of products I use – instead this blog is fashion-focussed with the occasional make-up post.

I hope you’ll join me on this blogging journey! :’)