Five Trends You Can’t Miss This Winter! [2015/2016]

Trends come and go way too fast, and often it’s an information overload. Which five should you pay attention to this coming winter? (Plus thoughts on two additional trends!)

The housekeeping part [feel free to skip this paragraph!]

Three months since I started this site and I did absolutely jack all to update it… I am really, really sorry. I’ve been trying to figure out what to blog beyond the “hey guys… check out what I wore today! LOL” posts that I’m usually lazy enough to do (it’s true! They’re so low effort!). In any case, I’ve decided it would be better to consolidate those outfits in a separate post (say like… once a month or fortnight?) I don’t have a photographer and though I have a tripod and camera, the room I usually take photos in is really cluttered as two other rooms are being renovated (kind of – just the carpet’s being ripped up, that sort of thing but all the furniture has to go somewhere! AKA this room I’m in). Which is why, if you have me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram [time to plug it! HERE] you’ll see me post selfies of my OOTD. For this blog, I’ll also post those photos alongside those nice fancy photos where it’s only my clothes in the picture and not me. :’) (more…)