Styling the Five Best Items from the H&M/Kenzo Collaboration

Who said you couldn’t style the top picks from the upcoming H&M collaboration with Kenzo?

Some of these items are super cute. While I probably won’t be getting them (see why under the cut) here are some suggestions as to styling for those of you who are keen to get the items, particularly incorporating “last season’s” trends.

kenzo h&m


Embracing Plunging Necklines When You Have No Cleavage

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid or otherwise compensated to promote any items linked in this post, nor am I affiliated. All opinions are my own.

Katrina Plunging Romper
Okay, it’s true. I’m technically part of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. While some of my friends would argue that my bra size is average not flat, I would disagree due to my body shape (that being a rectangle). Which make my boobs seem really rather small. As a result, sometimes I feel I lack some, I don’t know, womanly charm? Yet unlike girls who are petite and fall into the “cute” category, I don’t quite fit that either.


Five Trends You Can’t Miss This Winter! [2015/2016]

Trends come and go way too fast, and often it’s an information overload. Which five should you pay attention to this coming winter? (Plus thoughts on two additional trends!)

The housekeeping part [feel free to skip this paragraph!]

Three months since I started this site and I did absolutely jack all to update it… I am really, really sorry. I’ve been trying to figure out what to blog beyond the “hey guys… check out what I wore today! LOL” posts that I’m usually lazy enough to do (it’s true! They’re so low effort!). In any case, I’ve decided it would be better to consolidate those outfits in a separate post (say like… once a month or fortnight?) I don’t have a photographer and though I have a tripod and camera, the room I usually take photos in is really cluttered as two other rooms are being renovated (kind of – just the carpet’s being ripped up, that sort of thing but all the furniture has to go somewhere! AKA this room I’m in). Which is why, if you have me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram [time to plug it! HERE] you’ll see me post selfies of my OOTD. For this blog, I’ll also post those photos alongside those nice fancy photos where it’s only my clothes in the picture and not me. :’) (more…)

Starting fresh.

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to create a new blog hosted by WordPress. That means that if you followed me on Blogger and want to see my posts, you’ll have to follow again (sorry!) Why did I make the switch?

  • Trying to switch blogging styles to find what I’m most comfortable with writing about has been a journey and unfortunately that also means accumulating a lot of “baggage” – old posts and promised posts that I simply lost the motivation to make.
  • I will still be using my Blogger/Google account to read your blogs while I try to figure out how to use WordPress’ reader HAHA but yeah. I won’t be deleting because memories :’)
  • While WordPress doesn’t support ads, I figured it was way too much effort to install Google Ads anyways and any revenue would be minuscule in any case
  • Actually why did I switch to WordPress TOO LATE TO THINK ABOUT THAT NOW.

If all of that was the answer to the question you never asked, I’m sorry, haha.

What’s current aesthetic? A collection of looks I’m wearing, dreaming of and admiring all in the one place. There will no longer be reviews of products I use – instead this blog is fashion-focussed with the occasional make-up post.

I hope you’ll join me on this blogging journey! :’)