Written content on this blog is the intellectual property of the author (Amy Y. L.) and is not to be reposted elsewhere at all. It may, however, be quoted with proper source (mention of blog name). All opinions/beliefs are my own and are not compensated for (either by monetary or other means) unless otherwise specified.

All photos on this blog belong to me unless they are sourced (and captioned) otherwise. Reposting them, or editing and posting is only allowed with proper credit (mention of blog name).

Also, most of the clothes I wear are off-season or from sales, unless otherwise mentioned. My posts are meant to be more of a style guide/anecdotal experience rather than ‘on-trend’ every time, if that makes sense…

Every outfit has a style and every style has a story. What’s yours?

About the author

the grounds of alexandria, green square, fashion, ootd, silver skirt, chambray shirt, geometric sunnies,

Photo taken by @codebamboo | Blog post here

Sydney (AUS) fashion blogger with a penchant for overdressing and mixing styles. Serious maximalist. Every outfit has a story/theme, a #currentaesthetic if you will. Also a foodie, tea lover, treasurer of the UNSW Tea & Coffee Society, and a cosplayer at @mofumofucosplay.


It started off as a desire to archive my thoughts online – so a blog arose named “Your Daily Dose of Girl Power.”

It became a need to expand and be more appropriate to my new interests, so it became “sunlight streaming: the light that shone”, but in doing so it lost its way.

It culminated in a return to the roots of both blogs. current aesthetic considers the eclectic style choices of a whimsical woman, surrounded by changing social contexts and varying personal tastes.

How did it happen?

I updated my Instagram with an OOTD, the caption joking that my look was “an aesthetic inspired by 80s office ladies.” Realising that it was a simple way to summarise my ecletic style of the current image in one sentence, I followed it up with another look – “current aesthetic: the daughter of a Hong Kong mobster.” From there, I decided that creating OOTDs with an accompanying description that is succinct in conveying personal taste and emotions was a neat idea.

But of course, the whole blog upheaval did not occur to me until I was “busy cramming” for a Marketing 101 (or to that effect) class. After all… most good ideas are born from procrastination.

And so it was born – current aesthetic highlights the need to not worry about conforming to a single style while keeping it fresh and interesting within an inexpensive wardrobe.

So… what’s your aesthetic?

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