Five Fashion Resolutions To Make In 2017

It’s that time of the year again. “New year, new me.” We all have issues with setting resolutions and committing to them: the key issue here is because we think too broadly, we end up being unable to decide what we really want.

Make resolutions based on “category” and be specific – you’ll find it a lot easier to fulfil them!

Here are five fashion resolutions I’ll be committing myself to in 2017. I encourage you all to take them on board too!


Photo taken by me nearly exactly a year ago…!

1. Wear What You’ve Never Worn

sukujan sukajan black pink

Photographer: @ryj_96 on Instagram

Take that clothing item you’ve kept at the back of the closet (we all have at least one) and wear it out. Don’t know what to wear with it? Can never go wrong with a monochrome (for example one of black, white, cream, tan, etc) to pair with it.

While you’re at it, try that style/item that you’ve been eyeing for ages but haven’t been brave enough to wear. What’s the worst that could happen? People will talk behind your back? Let them :^)

(Okay or if you’re like me, more likely my mum will be like WTF YOU WEARING YOU CAN’T GO OUT LIKE THAT well… I’m sorry haha)

2. Less Fast Fashion, More Ethical Style

Whether it’s environmentally friendly clothing (carbon neutral, biodegradable, etc), ensuring that workers have fair conditions or even cutting down on fast fashion to invest in items that have greater quality and so won’t be thrown out so easily – make the pledge to reduce the amount of fast fashion you purchase!

We have a HUGE issue with fast fashion, which commonly becomes waste and ends up in landfill. Even if you don’t care(?), I firmly believe that buying lots of low quality but trendy clothing items won’t do your wardrobe or style any favours, as the cuts of most fast fashion stores just aren’t very flattering. And of course, if they’re low-quality, they fall apart fast.

Worried about price? No worries – check out your local Op shops today!

If you have a bit more cash to spare, check out sustainable siren‘s list of her favourite sustainable fashion stores – you’ll be surprised by some prices!

3. Do A Wardrobe Clear-out

Of course, in conjunction with number 2, you should donate anything that’s in good condition and discard anything that’s broken. You’ll clear up stuff you don’t need while ALSO doing a good deed.

“But I’ve never worn this… maybe I’ll wear it!” Do you really love it? If not, donate. If you aren’t wearing now because it’s Not On Trend, you’ll never wear it, because you Don’t Love It.

4. Break a Fashion Rule

“Never wear navy and black!” “Mixing prints is the eighth sin!” “Gold and silver looks wrong!”

Nice try, but how about… no.

Consider fashion rules as guidelines for the Ordinary Stylish Person. Good if fashion is something at the back of your mind, but if you want to be interesting and break the mould…

Well, you have to break the rules!

If you’re worried it’ll look back, look up what’s been done before. Does it look good? Why? Now take that why and try it out yourself!

5. Try a New Style

Always wearing minimalism? Try something romantic and kitschy, like larme-kei style (you don’t need a new wardrobe – buying just one or two items that can be incorporated will do the trick!) Always dressing in outrageously loud clothing? Try a simple button down with similar accessories.

There’s only so much you can wear if you stick to the one style, and if you’re anything like me, it gets boring fast. Get excited about style again by mixing a different style with what you already have – who knows, perhaps you’ll make a new look that’s uniquely you?

Tell me what fashion resolutions you’re making in the comments below!

Till next time!


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