current aesthetic: Titania – Queen of the Fairies


“If only there could be an invention that bottled up a memory, like scent. And it never faded, and it never got stale. And then, when one wanted it, the bottle could be uncorked, and it would be like living the moment all over again.”

― Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca

Disclaimer: I have not been sponsored, affiliated or otherwise compensated to write this post. All opinions and ideas (unless otherwise stated/quoted) are my own.

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago I attended a ball at Doltone House for the UNSW Science Society. Their theme was “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” so I decided to base my outfit around the concept of “Titania”. In Shakespeare’s play, she is the queen of the fairies and was tricked by a fairie (through magicks) into falling in love with an “ordinary working human”, who was transformed into some half-donkey like creature.

I haven’t actually read this play (I’m sorry I’m a #FakeFan) but I liked #theConcept 🙂

I was surprised to see that only a few girls followed the theme and NO GUYS followed it. At all. 😦 If I were a guy I’d have gone full out with the same pale cream coloured flowy fabric but like, a tunic or something. And curled my hair. 😦 Just an idea if any of you are in the future with a similar theme thinking “WHAT DO I WEAR.” Please, go all out… and tag me (even if it’s 2098! As long as I’m not dead I’ll look at it!)

(I considered going with an androgynous style myself but I’ve actually already had the dress for a while and didn’t want to spend more lol). Anyway, enough gently roasting and onto the OOTD ^_^

What I Wore That Night

fashion ootd maxi dress greek goddess style gold lace midsummer nights dream

Thanks @srutingstar (IG) for the photo :3c

What I’m wearing:

  • Unbranded maxi dress (it was a gift from an aunt a few years back and likely from Taobao)
  • Betts Shoes Adore stilettos in rose gold
  • Cuff from Colette
  • Hair accessory from Lovisa
  • Clutch/bag is unbranded
  • Ring from the now defunct Equip Accessories

Food consumed

TBH I wasn’t very impressed with the main course. The entree and the desserts were superb (I’m sad I wanna eat the chicken again it was that good) but the steak was not… done well (it was done medium and still wasn’t tasty and it was a little tough to eat lmfao?) rip… and the alcohol wasn’t nice either :I But the sparkling water was good LOL


Entree (“poached chicken, eggplant and chickpea puree, dukkah with harissa dressing”):

poached chicken, eggplant and chickpea puree, dukkah with harissa dressing

Please… let me eat again


Main course (“scotch fillet of beef, potato gratin, roasted mushroom, turnip and red sorrel”):

Fine dining two nights ago at Science Society Ball👌

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Dessert (“chocolate hazelnut pudding – flourless – with baileys, vanilla and mascarpone mousse, salted caramel, viennese hazelnuts”):

chocolate hazelnut pudding

Closeup of makeup

Excuse my messy background 🙊 Selfie for tonight's uni Scisoc ball~ theme is a Midsummer Night's Dream. OOTD post to come (I still have… 2 other outfits to post first though ww) Dress is offbrand, accessories not pictured so won't be tagging this post~ also I did my hair myself… what a struggle when normally I just have ponytails or leave it out 😂 should have seen my breakdown over this "five minute easy updo" lmfaoooo Makeup 💄Shu Uemura lightbulb foundation 💄Concealer is the Face Shop's Dual Veil collab with Kakao friends 💄Eyeshadow: Zoeva Rose Golden and Naturally Yours Palettes 💄Maybelline gel liner in brown 💄NARS and Benefits's Bad Gal mascaras 💄NARS lipgloss in Orgasm 💄Highlight is ABH's Moonchild highlighters using Purple Horseshoe and Pink Heart (can't be seen in all its glory fml) 💄Set with Urban Decay✌

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RIP Instagram not formatting properly ;;

For makeup & hair, I wanted to complete the look elegantly, and while the hair turned out quite different to what I was aiming for (rip I’m basic with hairstyle skills) I believe I achieved that anyway ^_^

Anyway overall I had lots of fun! Hadn’t had such a formal event since… year 12 formal so it was a great excuse to dress up again ^w^

Next year I wanna go to NSA’s event though :’3c because I missed it this year;;

Till next time!


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