machina and the hanging gardens

the grounds of alexandria, green square, fashion, ootd, silver skirt, chambray shirt, geometric sunnies

17 November 2016

Scenario: friend’s birthday outing to Grounds of Alexandria.

Look under the cut for what I’m wearing!

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored by any company for any of these items. All thoughts/opinions/experiences are my own. These photos were taken by @codebamboo on IG! Thanks so much QwQ


🌸 Printed tee from Chinese markets

🌸 Uniqlo linen 3/4 sleeves

🌸 Silver accordion pleated midi skirt from Taobao

🌸 Adidas originals

🌸 Backpack from Colette by Colette Hayman

🌸 Sunnies from Gloss (this season)


Current aestheticmachina and the hanging gardens

I tried to incorporate a light, pretty-casual look into my outfit. The centres of my outfit were definitely the skirt and the sunnies, which are almost futuristic in nature through their defined structure and metallic colour. This is also emphasised by the graphic on the tee. These were all toned down heavily by how casual the linen shirt and the bag are.

There was also focus of “florals” in my makeup but unfortunately you can’t really see anything from these photos… the food definitely wore out my lipgloss and I didn’t reapply haha…

I’m not trying to say that I was inspired by the juxtaposition of technology and nature à la Bladerunner… but it ended up somehow being like that…


Diary entry: It was @codebamboo’s birthday (thanks for indulging me by taking photos of my OOTD, I hope the ones @mysthori and I took turned out as good!) so together we went to the Grounds of Alexandria for food times, good times and the aesthetics :’)

If you’re interested in seeing what we ate/drank feel, @codebamboo posted a photo on her IG!

Anyway, we had a wander because we’ve never been to this place before. It was really very lush and beautiful~



Have you been to the Grounds of Alexandria before? Comment below~

Till next time~


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