Styling the Five Best Items from the H&M/Kenzo Collaboration

Who said you couldn’t style the top picks from the upcoming H&M collaboration with Kenzo?

Some of these items are super cute. While I probably won’t be getting them (see why under the cut) here are some suggestions as to styling for those of you who are keen to get the items, particularly incorporating “last season’s” trends.

kenzo h&m

Disclaimer: All images are taken from H&M’s site and belong to them. All thoughts are my own. I am not being sponsored or otherwise compensated for this post.

I’m writing this post because I disagree with people claiming that these clothes are difficult to integrate into your wardrobe. While admittedly, it is harder in comparison to other items you may have, wearing and styling is limited only by your imagination and bravery.

Here are my five favourite items from the line and how one could go about wearing them. Hopefully, even if you don’t own these items, they might inspire you to try something new. For my thoughts on the collection, head to the bottom of the post for a summary.

Off-the-shoulder top

kenzo h&m off the shoulder top

My immediate thought was to opt for a pair of relaxed black pants such as slacks or a more fitted pair of harem pants, then team with matching flats and accessories such as in the post below.

Using what you already have: This outfit would definitely work with a choker and black lace up flats.

kenzo/h&m 1

My failsafe tip when wearing printed anything is to choose one prominent colour from the print and use it as the colour basis for the rest of your outfit. So it could be red or blue or green as the “block colour” rather than black.

Patterned silk blouse

kenzo h&m patterned silk blouse

My absolute favourite item from the collection and the one I’d realistically get. Something about the print just makes me think of plant cells, or radiation patterns. It’s honestly so pretty.

Work with this like you would with any other patterned blouse. I’ve styled it with the concept of the novel “a wrinkle in time” in mind.

Using what you already have: last season’s trendy sunnies, timeless Doc Martens, last season’s tie-belt shorts, that holographic bag from several seasons ago

kenzo/h&m 2

Reversible Silk Kimono

kenzo h&m reversible silk kimono

Just as you could work to balance the boxy shape of this jacket with tailored pants, you could skew the other way and opt for a flowing silhouette. Team with graphic eyeliner for an 80’s/90’s vision of futuristic fashion.

historical lady

historical lady by currentaesthetic featuring a man bag

Patterned dresses

kenzo h&m

kenzo h&m patterned maxi dress

These are both so adorable and fairly straightforward to style in my opinions. Team with flats or if you’re more daring, rocking horse shoes for the shorter dress. Keep your hair tied up to show off the detail on the neckline and keep it simple with basic but pretty accessories.

My thoughts on the collection itself:

H&M’s collaboration with Kenzo is absolutely gorgeous, but knowing the quality of H&M’s clothing as well as from what I’ve heard in regards to quality for past collaborations, I’ll likely be giving this a miss. If I’m going to be paying such high prices for these items, then I should (and rightfully so) expect the quality to be at least somewhat acceptable. If I see significant sales for these items (or just a bit of a sale for the blouse), then maybe I’ll reconsider, because I love adding interesting items of clothing to my wardrobe. Otherwise, it’s a no from me. Which is a pity, because I really love these items!

Till next time ^_^


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