Current Aesthetic: High Tea

I have not been updating recently because of who I am as a person. Haha okay in reality it’s more like, I have posts I wanted to publish but I wanted to get this done first. And I literally could not think of what I wanted to call this outfit. I have nothing witty to say. I’m a sham. Moving on…

Disclaimer: I am in no way being sponsored or otherwise compensated for any items/links included here. All clothes in this post are my own and were bought for my own use. Photos taken by Beverley Mai belong to her and are credited. All other content belongs to me 🙂

Recently I attended UNSW’s Teasoc’s High Tea event and of course, dressed up for it!

Thanks to the incredible Beverley Mai @ DRU Photography for taking photos (and being incredibly chill about taking photos of my OOTD despite just meeting me). More photos can be seen in this album here. For this post, I will be using Beverley’s photos of my solo OOTD shots and some pictures I took on my phone (so yeah not the greatest of quality lol) but if you’re keen to see some scrumptious photos of the food and view, definitely click that link! 🙂

white crop top, blazer, high tea, floral skirt, dotti, colette, ootd, smart casual, semi formal

Photographer: Beverley Mai from DRU Photography

What I am wearing:

  • White crop top and floral skirt from Dotti
  • White blazer from Portmans
  • White clutch from Colette
  • White stiletto heels from Spendless Shoes
  • Bracelet from Equip Accessories


stylish, high tea

Photographer: Beverley Mai from DRU Photography

I wasn’t entirely happy with my makeup as I rushed it and missed on properly setting my eye makeup 😦 So I won’t be talking about that haha.

The food:

Last image is also on my IG here

Yum yum, delicious 🙂

See you next time!



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