Roundup: Five Makeup/Beauty Items 30/12/15

Disclaimer: I am not being paid, or otherwise compensated, to write this. All opinions are my own.

Hi everyone! Recently I’ve bought/received some products that I’ve been using~ Rather than review everything individually, I thought I’d share a few thoughts and photos of each ^_^ Also yeah… this was supposed to be posted end of last year whoops… my bad B)

innisfree, burts bees, stila, biore, garnier

Micellar Water from Garnier

garnier, micellar cleansing water

Ever since The Beauty Department did a post about micellar water, [x]  I was keen on trying this product out. An all-in-one cleanser that is gentle on the skin? Sign me the fuck up!


Thoughts: I like that it’s quite simple and convenient to use (dab onto a cotton pad then rub over your face) and that it does pick up on quite a lot of stuff that your normal facial cleansers don’t…! I haven’t used it consistently enough to see any effect on acne though. It also is good as a makeup remover but won’t effectively remove strong eye makeup or any that’s been primed using a strong primer.

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm


Sorry for the dust lol

A fast-minute purchase before my Princess Jellyfish cosplay shoot. The reason being that I FORGOT my actual lipgloss I wanted to use haha. I chose it because it has some glitter in it, making it shiny. Also, it has peppermint in it, so when you put it on your lips you’ll feel a cold sensation…!

burt's bees, s

Thoughts: Despite being a tinted lipbalm, it really doesn’t offer much moisturising properties for lips that are quite dry (put a layer of pawpaw ointment on first!). That said, if your lips have a ‘normal’ amount of hydration, it’s good in keeping your lips hydrated. 🙂 I also like the light pink shimmer it gives off, but I kinda regret not picking up the shade Champagne instead (because I have a lot of lipglosses with the strawberry colour haha). But it’s great for adding a pop of colour in daily wear without being difficult to maintain throughout the day (like lipgloss is. See, I find it hard to wear lipgloss because I’m very self-conscious that something is on my lips).

colour swatch,

Colour swatch! Side is eyeliner (below)

Stila Navy Liquid Eyeliner


A gift from one of my best friends’ mother…! Said best friend also gave the Innisfree mineral powder~ I love Stila’s liquid eyeliners! I have one in black that I use frequently. I’ve also been meaning to get both coloured eyeliner and translucent powder for a while now… can you read my mind?!


Thoughts: The only problem I have with Stila eyeliners are they sometimes are strange to use due to the cushion tip – the liquid doesn’t come out where I want it to? I have this problem with my black pen as well 😦 They’re also lighter than what I like. Otherwise it’s relatively easy to apply and gives a subdued colour that you can wear both during the day or night.


Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder


I have combination skin and was looking into getting a translucent powder to control the amount of oil that my skin produced, especially on a hot summer’s day in Australia! So I was quite surprised when I was gifted this…! B) THANKS BEB


The inside puff is really cute. I don’t use it though, instead opting to dip my powder foundation brush on the plastic barrier (pictured below) and gently brush it all over my T-zone. The powder works as promises, with my T-zone being noticeable less oilier when I wear it, compared to using just powder foundation to set.


Biore Nose Strips


It’s not ideal to use pore strips frequently as they can cause your pores to be permanently enlarged (or so I’ve heard…) but I couldn’t resist picking this up from my local Asian grocery supermarket (okay, actually it wasn’t local at all, but with the distance I’ve been travelling this past year on a daily basis… it felt pretty damn local lol). I love seeing all the gunk on the strip, it’s disturbingly cathartic to be honest. The first time I used it, there wasn’t as much gunk on it as I hoped there would be (even after a hot shower, the #lifehack bargain way instead of steaming your face when you don’t have a steamer). However, it did clean many of the pores on the side of my nose.


Have you used any of these products? Or what are you using this month? B)


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