Current Aesthetic: the Oceanic Connection [Personal style post]

I was an ocean spirit, the water called to me,
It begged me to return to the vast azure sea.
But fleshly prison dictates that on land I must stay,
And only dream to be submerged below cascading waves. – A.Y.L.


[Outfit post below the cut.]

Disclaimer: I am in no way being sponsored or otherwise compensated for any items/links included here. All clothes in this post are my own. All content is my own, too.

Current aesthetic: the Oceanic Connection

The ocean is compelling. As you float where the water adjoins the sky, there is a resounding sense of peace. The sun warming brine-soaked skin, the unfathomable depths behind your back, the ocean waves coming to meet golden sand – when you can remember the sensation but are only able to spectate it from afar… well, there’s a kind of loneliness from this separation.

Instead, all that is felt is the crisp air’s caress and all that is heard is  the crashing of foamy azure waves against unforgiving rock cliffs.



What I am wearing:

  • Linen shirt dress from Uniqlo
  • Belt from General Pants Co.
  • Sandals from Novo Shoes
  • Sunhat from Target Miranda [on-season]
  • Bag from Valleygirl
  • Necklace from Equip
  • Sunnies by Dior


As it was a hot day, I chose to keep my makeup simple. A compact cushion, cream concealer, slim blue liquid eyeliner and tinted lip balm were used to complete the look. [My camera filter did the rest of the job.]


All my knowledge exists where skyline meets the sea
And all my world is by earthly souls bequeathed.
Rippling ocean water, what lies beneath? – A.Y.L.

Journal entry for my own reference: On the 1st of January 2016, I went with my parents to the Fish Markets. For lunch we had a seafood platter and fresh oysters. We then went to the coastline at Vaucluse and I took some photos of the ocean from my vantage point. Afterwards, we visited a family friend’s place before heading to Eastwood to have pho for dinner.

I’m laughing at how this is my first actual legit CA post where I post about my OOTD ahahaa wow… here’s to more of them…!


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