What’s In My Make-up Bag?

Disclaimer: none of these links are sponsored – they are all my opinion. Additionally prices are AUD unless otherwise stated and correct as of 16th October 2015. Also all images were taken with my phone and items gifted by friends or otherwise given to me for free are marked with an asterisk.

Hi everyone! To be honest, I wasn’t actually going to write this because I don’t put makeup on that much and when I do, I don’t carry many items with me anyway! When I do wear makeup (and usually it’s to uni) I bring my bag with me because I…. am that idiot who allocated classes on at 9am so I have to wake up at 6am ;____; NEVER AGAIN (but my timetable always sucks if I don’t organise like that, why me….)

So… what’s actually in my make-up bag?

make up, makeup bag, portable

Hello, what’s in here~?

When I do put on makeup when going to uni, it’s usually because I’m going to go out with friends after uni or I’m expecting photos/videos (whether it be selfies with friends or stuff due to a group assignment). This is because I’m a rather lazy person who also lives far away from uni and I don’t want to wake up even earlier to put on makeup.

Here’s what I carry with me! Note that I don’t carry toner/moisturiser with me hahah I put it on naturally straight after I wash my face. Probably bad to have a gap between application of moisturiser and primer but… oh well :L

the POREfessional, stay don't stray, benefit cosmetics, lucas pawpaw ointment, natio cleverstick, stick foundation, models prefer concealer, liquid

Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment ($5.99 from Priceline)

I, and many of my friends, swear by this product! Affordable and versatile, it’s a great and natural lip moisturiser that can double as a clear mascara, burn treatment (?!) and mosquito bite soother. I’ve only really used it as a lip balm though.

Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer ($45 from Myer)

When I’m wearing neutral coloured eye shadow, I use this primer so that my eye-makeup stays put. If I decide to add a bit of colour to my eye makeup and want it to be vibrant instead, I’ll use Urban Decay’s primer. Otherwise, this is my go-to for daily use! I dab a few dots on my eyelid, under my eye and on the outer corners and pat it in.

Natio Cleverstick Foundation ($16.95 from Priceline)

This product is a little too thick to be used as foundation in my opinion, but it makes a fantastic concealer as it has quite a lot of coverage and is especially good over pimples and acne scars. I dot it on using a finger (which warms up the product a little to spread better and more evenly on my skin.)

Models Prefer Liquid Concealer (no longer in stock, from Priceline)

I like to use this for the dark circles under my eyes! It’s always better to use a thinner product so that it doesn’t settle into the lines of your eye bags (lesson learnt ;_;) and has a yellow tinge that “cancels out” the dark purple of undereye circles~ I use a small amount and pat it on with my fingertip.

Benefit the POREfressional (full size is $53 from Myer)*

My pores are probably one of my least favourite aspects of my face. While the POREfressional’s formula is a little oily for my liking, it’s incredibly effective at reducing pore size. I carry the sample size, which I received free with a purchase. A little goes a long way, and it’s important to rub over pores.

cc uv mist cushion hera, etude house magic any cushion,

hera uv mist cc cushion, etude house magic any cushion

Etude House Magic Any Cushion* ($USD21.60 from Etude House’s site)

Given to me by a friend to ‘brighten up my pale skin so I don’t look dead’ (HAHAHAH THANKS AGGIE) this compact is really good at brightening your skin. The coverage, however, is piss-poor despite what Etude House claims. It’s also not whitening in my opinion for those of you interested in that aspect, though I can’t be certain as I’m kinda pale already… In any case, I like to dab this along my forehead and cheeks to give brightness and life to my face – which is really handy when I didn’t have enough sleep :’) I put it on before I use foundation, actually, and I take care not to overlap the two too much.

Hera UV Mist Cushion SPF50+* (approximately $72.90 from Yesstyle) 

I put in a suggested link but my aunt gave me this so I can’t guarantee anything! ;_____; It comes with a refill and dries out quickly so honestly it’s better suited to people who wear makeup pretty frequently (read: daily). In any case, I think this is a great product as it’s really light but has really, really good coverage. I’ll probably be considering other alternatives after I’ve used this up due to that price tag, but it’s convenient as you forego the need to put on liquid foundation or BB cream then set with powder!

revlon 12 hour quad eyeshadow, etude house bling me prism compact

Bling me prism empty eyeshadow palette ($USD 7.80 from Etude House)*

I don’t know how to put the eyeshadows in but it’s really useful to carry around to check while doing my makeup, without having to pull out the cushion compact.

Revlon 12 Hour Quad Eyeshadow (No longer produced, purchased in a department store in China)

I still use this eyeshadow which is probably bad but the colours are nice and it’s convenient for me, so whatever ahaha. I use the lightest colour to highlight under my eyebrows, the second darkest colour to spread over my eyelid and the darkest to create almost a “thick liner” shadow to make my eyes seem longer.

eyelash curler, etude house bling me prism, loreal paris volume millions mascara, budapest

etude house x high cheeks, bling me prism, budapest, eyeshadow

The colour in real life is more accurate to this image.

Eyelash curler from Watson’s Pharmacy

I don’t remember the brand unfortunately but I do remember I bought it from Watson’s when I was in China. I’ve used this for many years and it hasn’t broken on me once! ^_^

Etude House x High Cheeks Bling Me Prism Eyeshadow in Budapest* ($US4.60 from Etude House’s store)

This is small and so easy to carry around, and doubles as eyeshadow and blush. I apply as blush by patting with my fingertips to the apples of my cheekbones, and use the sponge applicator that comes with the compact to add a little colour to the outer corners of my eyes (apply to the lower lid like eyeliner on the outer third of the eye).

L’Oreal Paris Volume Millions Mascara* ($27.95 from Priceline) 

Despite what it says, I use this not for volume but for length (and I know, some of you might be saying “…really?”). I find that adding length is better for a wide-eyed look (so I appear more wide awake in class… haha) and it’s more natural than having really thick lashes. (Also tip: if you want thick lashes you can’t go wrong with Benefit’s mascaras!)

daiso makeup, maybelline eye studio lasting drama, gel liner, ecotools eyebrush set

Ecotools Eye brush set ($22.99 from Priceline)

These brushes are portable and pretty much all you need for basic eye makeup in my opinion. Considering the price of separate brushes normally, this is a great deal and can be wrapped up in the case for easy carrying. Additionally, it’s also eco-friendly, so have fun playing with makeup while doing the Earth a favour!

Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Pot Liner in brown ($16.95 from Priceline)

I use a clean line stroke to elongate my eyes as my eyes are very round, and making them look larger normally would actually make me look really unnatural. I personally feel liquid is too dramatic for normal day wear while pencil smudges by the end of the day for me. Gel liner is a great halfway point and there’s more control over the line compared to using pencil. The pot comes with a black brush! I also have one of the gel liners in black~

Nose highlight powder ($2.80 from Daiso)

I use a little of this to highlight not only my nose but also the upper half of my cheekbones, my cupid’s bow, the tip of my chin and the inner corners of my eyes. I’ve always found contouring to be too harsh for my pale face for everyday makeup, which is why I used highlight only to emphasise my features instead. (Apparently this technique is called strobing!)

natio makeup bag, green

All of these go into a makeup bag produced by Natio

This bag was given as a promotional item once during a Natio sale 🙂 It’s fairly roomy and quite convenient to carry around. I like how fresh the green looks haha.

It’s kinda funny how half of the products I use on a semi-regular basis… aren’t even the ones I buy for myself…. hahaha.

So, what’s in your makeup bag? Comment below!



  1. I actually checked and the comments don’t show on the page well…
    NO PROBLEM AMY ❤ I didn't mean it like.. "You look like a corpse" more along the the lines of "you're really pale and pale people in Korea complains they look like a corpse" there's a difference!!!! *raiseshandsdramatically*

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