Current Aesthetic: Skirts over trousers

fashion week, 2013, skirts over pants, trousers

They just don’t understand. Photo source

So I want to be a fashionable bag lady.

And maybe I’m approximately half a year behind on blogging about this trend but that’s just too bad because I finally summoned up the time, words and courage to say what’s been on my mind this whole time.

I bloody LOVE the idea of wearing skirts over trousers.

“WHAT?!” I hear some of you gasp and clutch at your hearts as you curse at me for being a Godless Fashion Heathen to suggest such a thing (just kidding). But seriously, I want to wear this trend out in spring pronto.

emma watson, perks of being a wallflower, dress over pants, skirt over trousers

I actually didn’t realise this 90s trend made a revival earlier than this year… Huh. Photo source

I don’t know exactly what aspect of it appeals to me. The layering potential, which make my inner fashionista PRAISE THE ALMIGHTY FASHION GODS? The whimsical bag lady style (reminiscent of mori girl) which first made me emotionally invested in such a look? The weirdly chic silhouette that speaks to my inner desire to live with nine black cats in a witchy hut outside of civilisation, tending to various herbs while looking good right into my 70s? I wonder….

Why don’t we weigh in the pros and the cons:


  1. That SWEET layering, yo, which will absolutely level up your layering game
  2. Dress up a casual skirt and tone down a formal dress
  3. You want to wear a skirt? But it’s too cold and you are sick of wearing leggings? THEN YES
  4. In the morning, it is cold, so you wear the pants under your skirt. In the afternoon, it is hot, so you take your pants off and get a SORT-OF new outfit. Instant metamorphosis appropriate to Sydney weather!
  5. If your skirt’s length is no longer “fashionable” try those trousers underneath so you don’t flash that booty or underwear at random strangers 😉
  6. If you still love a skirt/dress that unfortunately is now a little Too Short for you but still want to wear it… (I only grew a few centimetres since some of my old favourite dress purchases… why would you do this to me?!)
  7. Being the most fashionable man-repeller this side of the planet
man repeller, skirt over trousers, pants

I just love this. And how could I mention man-repelling without a photo of the Queen herself? Photo source


  1. You will probably get Pointed and Laughed at by the normies….

I just want to bring out my inner heart’s fashion desires, okay? Just because you wear, I don’t know… *spins wheel* something probably Hideous doesn’t mean I have to be brought down to your unfashionable ass level [666 word rant deleted]

fashion week, 2013, skirts over pants, trousers

They just don’t understand. Photo source

I think I make some pretty good points, hey, but my crippling lack of self-confidence and constant need for validation result in me being too hesitant to trial such an outfit.

(Did I get a bit too self-deprecating there? Oh, dear….)

Have you worn a skirt over your pants before? Would you?

PS did y’all catch the reference in the title? Maybe I reached too hard…

PPS the 666 word rant was a joke, probably.



  1. when the heck was this uploaded…. eh, meh, peh.
    I just wanted to point out that the trousers inside skirts was also (and still is to some) an icon of hip-hop started by GD WAYYYY back around.. what.. 2011???
    Also, I’m pretty sure people have trousers they can’t wear or skirts that they’ve bought but doesn’t know how to style it- maybe two wrong choices of clothing and make one right…or something XDD
    learning so much from this! your writing is top notch as always!!

    Liked by 1 person

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