I’m A Shopaholic: Ebay Accessories Round-Up

I’m a terrible shopaholic!! And what with the Australian dollar being absolutely awful, I’ve found that the way to satisfy these cravings is through buying cheap junk accessories that I probably don’t need but damn, I regret NOTHING. Literally EVERYTHING is under $8 Australian dollars so if you’re looking to spend some pocket change, check this out??

Also I can’t remember which blogger used to post these [either Closet Voyage, now known as Beige Renegade] or THISWASFOREVER, but I loved those posts so I’m rather inspired.

[[Disclaimer: all conversion rates are calculated using Paypal’s calculator, are listed in Australian Dollars, and accurate as of 11th Sept 2015. Additionally all purchases I have made are marked with an asterisk, so you can be assured that I have had a good experience. I am not being sponsored to make this post either, all links are those I found myself and I am not affiliated with any of the companies/stores listed.]]

Click on “read more” to see the items!


Clip on mini devil horns $1.10 link *

Variety of fruit and egg hairclips, $1.45 and $1.54 link

Clip on skeleton hands $2.44 link

Biscuit clips $3.34 link

Bowler hat $4.76 link


Floral Dolce Gabbana inspired sunnies $6.92 link *

Round UV sunnies $3.33 link [the original ones I bought re-listed their item after my purchase so they wouldn’t ship to Australia anymore lol oUCH]


Deer collar pins $2.26 link


Thin leather belt $1.45 link

Thin belt with bow $1.45 link

Thin belt with metal bow $2.10 link

Ancient Greece inspired leaf belt $2.92 link*

Plain leather with buckle belt $2.92 link


1000x 3mm rhinestones $1.45 link*

Plain PU leather phone case $4.38 link [can be flipped open]*

Anything caught your eye? What cheap items have you bought recently? Let me know in the comments below!


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