Five Trends You Can’t Miss This Winter! [2015/2016]

Trends come and go way too fast, and often it’s an information overload. Which five should you pay attention to this coming winter? (Plus thoughts on two additional trends!)

The housekeeping part [feel free to skip this paragraph!]

Three months since I started this site and I did absolutely jack all to update it… I am really, really sorry. I’ve been trying to figure out what to blog beyond the “hey guys… check out what I wore today! LOL” posts that I’m usually lazy enough to do (it’s true! They’re so low effort!). In any case, I’ve decided it would be better to consolidate those outfits in a separate post (say like… once a month or fortnight?) I don’t have a photographer and though I have a tripod and camera, the room I usually take photos in is really cluttered as two other rooms are being renovated (kind of – just the carpet’s being ripped up, that sort of thing but all the furniture has to go somewhere! AKA this room I’m in). Which is why, if you have me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram [time to plug it! HERE] you’ll see me post selfies of my OOTD. For this blog, I’ll also post those photos alongside those nice fancy photos where it’s only my clothes in the picture and not me. :’)

Alright, let’s get right into it!

Anyway! It’s winter here in Sydney and unfortunately it has been some of the coldest weather we’ve had in… well, as long as I can remember D: Oh well. That wasn’t the point I was trying to make, though, but at least you have some context.

I have been quite pleased to see (upon checking Vogue and other e-zines) the latest trends for this winter (and upcoming winter, for you Northern Hemisphere folks) season.

[On a side note, does anyone else get irrationally angry when one of the trends mentioned is something like ‘carrying around your smartphone’? I mean, come on, I do that anyway! You just wasted space which you could have spend describing a trend. Wait, that’s because they ran out of ideas, isn’t it?!]

Anyways I’ve decided to kick away the noise and pick out some trends that are most wearable for the winter. Since I’m a bit late to the game (I’m sorry, procrastination is the worst. I should also work on my cosplays but I’ve been sinking too much time into League of Legends, curse you Ritoooooo 😦 !!!) I’ll also be uploading one for spring. Yay! Hopefully next week. Or fortnight.

Oh and a disclaimer: I’m not being paid to put these links in nor do I get any sort of profit from them (except you reading my post and hopefully going away with a sense of satisfaction yay). These are all my opinions and recommendations. Also I have helpfully entered the relevant search term and ordered from lowest price to highest (if you shop otherwise you are a dirty liar ;D just kidding~)

Another warning: while shopping from the Iconic please be careful of Mody brand chinos which have dye with cancer-causing properties! See here for the full article. I’ll be making a post about this tomorrow.

Trend 1: Turtlenecks

Can I say yes? I’ve been waiting for ages as I’ve wanted an affordable and simple turtleneck for a while but if it’s not on trend, then it’s usually not for sale at all.

At first, they do feel a bit uncomfortable around your neck but once you get used to them, not only are they warm, they’re also very stylish and can be matched with a lot of items in your wardrobe! (Layer under a sweater or coat, or both like I did in this coord.) Pick a colour close to a lot of the winter (and autumn/spring) wear in your wardrobe. I chose a cream once (grey and black were tempting me but I don’t have as much dark winter wear in my wardrobe as I thought I did… will probably try to fix that seeing as after this turtlenecks won’t be in sale for years I bet…)

uniqlo turtleneck off white cream

Uniqlo off white turtleneck

The one I bought is the simple cream turtleneck from Uniqlo and it only costs $AUD20! (And it’s now on sale for only $AUD15 according to the link!) It’s long sleeve (finally). They also offer a few other designs which are slightly pricier. You can also get turtlenecks from ASOS, the Iconic and Yesstyle.

Note: ASOS and the Iconic are more expensive. The Iconic has a larger range than ASOS. Yesstyle is usually cheaper and holds a range of brands but check reviews first!! Some items can be really dodgy quality (too thin, etc).

Trend 2: Fur 

Yes! Remember of course to not buy real fur UNLESS it’s from vintage stores! :’) My lovely oversized fur vest is from Zara (you can see my turtleneck layering too! :D). Some similar ones here on ebay (shop at your own risk…). Mine were on sale and bought while I was in China. :’D Again, links to ASOS, the Iconic and Yesstyle (lots of cute accessories at YS!).

Whether it’s through accessories or clothes themselves (hello vests and cute shrugs!) I feel that fur is classy and just adds old school glam to any outfit. Here’s a Polyvore sheet of some fur items I like:

warm winter furs

While browns and mixed browns are the go to colour for this item, it’s also totally okay to go with brightly coloured or pastel  ones! Pastel winter? YES PLEASE.

Trend 3: Velvet

While we’re talking about old school glam, we can’t forget velvet. This material’s great in staple pieces such as a dress or a top/skirt (but feel free to be daring and buy a velvet jacket!). For accessories, velvet tight are really awesome! When it comes to velvet, you can’t go past Dangerfield. (Check out your local Myer as well! They tend to have Dangerfield, also if you’re in Sydney, Market City has a Dangerfield store :3c)

Trend 4: Ponchos

A great Doctor Who character (who shares my first name, incidentally) once said that “if we’re going to commit a fashion sin, let’s do it looking like a Peruvian folk band.” What, that’s not the actual quote? Whoops may have paraphrased there~ (Just kidding, but honestly I wanted to quote something that relates really… :’D)

They’re great for lounging around the home in and then when you go out, they’re low effort! Just throw it on with a long-sleeved shirt, over a jumper, some skinny jeans and Converse and you’re good to go. Gotta love comfort and fashion rolled into one, I must admit.

If you can, it’s best to buy these fair trade. I trust Fair Trade Australia but unfortunately they don’t seem to have ponchos! :/ Please research carefully so you don’t get ripped off and yes they’re more expensive but it’s good to buy authentic folk/indigenous clothing when it happens to be in trend, you know? Gotta support local business when you can! :’3

Trend 5: Quilted jackets

It would be utterly disgusting for me to mention any other brand than Uniqlo, who are famous for having a range of amazing quilted jackets. I also bought my quilted jackets from E-Land and Hot Wind. Wear over a sweater or hoodie (if the quilted jacket doesn’t have one) to look fashionably snug as a bug~ Don’t be fooled by how “expensive but thin” some of the jackets look. They are actually seriously warm. No kidding. (Insert Tsukiyama.gif :3)

Here’s a Polyvore sheet of quilted jackets:

Pillow party

Here are some bonus thoughts!

The sleeper trend that I totally want to happen: dresses/skirts over pants. They are so Mori girl style :’) Runways and fashion stores have been trying to make this happen for several seasons now and I currently am contemplating trying this in spring but… I’m not brave enough! (Should I put this in the next trend post? Haha… maybe…) If I do I’ll let you know.

The trend that I’m not really feeling: Fringes on… well, everything. Wear what you want obviously, but I just feel that it looks kinda tacky. The exception (for me!) is on accessories or shoes. I don’t know, honestly. I just ain’t feeling it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

What’s a trend you’re digging/not digging this season? Leave a comment below. Till next time!


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