Month: April 2015

Starting fresh.

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to create a new blog hosted by WordPress. That means that if you followed me on Blogger and want to see my posts, you’ll have to follow again (sorry!) Why did I make the switch?

  • Trying to switch blogging styles to find what I’m most comfortable with writing about has been a journey and unfortunately that also means accumulating a lot of “baggage” – old posts and promised posts that I simply lost the motivation to make.
  • I will still be using my Blogger/Google account to read your blogs while I try to figure out how to use WordPress’ reader HAHA but yeah. I won’t be deleting because memories :’)
  • While WordPress doesn’t support ads, I figured it was way too much effort to install Google Ads anyways and any revenue would be minuscule in any case
  • Actually why did I switch to WordPress TOO LATE TO THINK ABOUT THAT NOW.

If all of that was the answer to the question you never asked, I’m sorry, haha.

What’s current aesthetic? A collection of looks I’m wearing, dreaming of and admiring all in the one place. There will no longer be reviews of products I use – instead this blog is fashion-focussed with the occasional make-up post.

I hope you’ll join me on this blogging journey! :’)